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10/23/05 at 1pm
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6/14/05 at 2pm
Haha. Another new layout. I think I've gone through about five in the last day. Oh well. I like this one!! Oh, and go check out my info. I did it last night -- it took forever pretty much haha. I have to figure out how to make the About Me box smaller...Hm. Anyway, I'm going to the mall for a little bit. My mom is getting a couch (again) for either one of the living rooms or downstairs. Or her bedroom. Haha. I'm not sure. I'm gonna hit up my stores (um, abercrombie, hullo!) Hopefully Britt'll be there this time (for once.) Ooh!! And getting a Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice = Love. Mk, gotta fly. I'll update later.


Bonjour, tous! [
6/12/05 at 11pm
Hello everyone!! Haha. I finally just got a layout for on here. It's about time. Allie and I are going to make one tomorrow that'll be more personalized to moi but this'll do for now. I feel very, 'ow yoo zay...Francais? haha. I guess I can blame it on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels...Oh my God, that would be a cool layout idea. Anyway, I'm gonna download some songs to the Pod and then head to bed.

Bon soir, mon amies. J'adore tous, tous, tous!!


My First Posty! [
1/18/05 at 9pm
Hey everyone. So, I guess I've kind of been disregarding this journal since I got it...which was pretty much just to join LJ Communities haha. But idk, thanks to Amanda for this kickass themey thing, it looks pretty cool in here. *looks around happily* So..I guess that's it.



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