idinaplz (shiz_party_boy) wrote,

Haha. Another new layout. I think I've gone through about five in the last day. Oh well. I like this one!! Oh, and go check out my info. I did it last night -- it took forever pretty much haha. I have to figure out how to make the About Me box smaller...Hm. Anyway, I'm going to the mall for a little bit. My mom is getting a couch (again) for either one of the living rooms or downstairs. Or her bedroom. Haha. I'm not sure. I'm gonna hit up my stores (um, abercrombie, hullo!) Hopefully Britt'll be there this time (for once.) Ooh!! And getting a Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice = Love. Mk, gotta fly. I'll update later.

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hey boo, sup. i love how u included me in the ozmo ure such a good friend.

*aww moment*
spamicontest wants to remind you to KEEP MAKING ICONS.. Our next contest is up!

If you've ever made any Wicked icons, go to my xanga site, ...I will give you major credit for the icons you made.

I posted a lot of Wicked icons, and I don't know who made them, so if you are one of the people who made a certain icon(s), then leave me a comment under that post, telling me your username on livejournal, or wherever you posted the icons. Then, I will give you credit on my website for making those icons. Thank you so much. If this message does not refer to you, please ignore it.

Also, please pass on this message to anyone that may have made Wicked icons. Thanks so much!
Hi. I've recently joined your community, broadway remix and I was hoping to be able to participate in the newest challenge. When I joined it said that I had to ask for permission to post or something like that.
Yeah, you don't post. Only I get to post. What you do is comment in the challenge post with your icon. The comments are screened so no one but me sees them. :)
Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up.
Hey I saw you made an icon a while back for my commmunity popicontest, I was wondering if you wanted to participated in the next challenge.